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Luis Porras Wadley is the owner and director of KSE Academy, an English academy and official Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre based in Granada. As an English teacher, Luis has been preparing Cambridge candidates successfully for more than ten years. He is the author of some successful test preparation books, including Speaking First, Speaking CAE, Speaking CPE, Use of English C1 and The Ultimate B2 First Writing Guide.

past continuous

Past Continuous

El Past Continuous es un tiempo verbal básico para expresarnos correctamente y extremadamente útil para niveles intermedios. Aquí te lo explico todo.

conditionals sentences in english

Conditional Sentences: Zero, First, Second, Third & Mixed

What is a conditional sentence? Conditionals are sentences with two clauses; one of them is a condition (normally introduced by «if» or «unless») and the other is a consequence. If the words «if» or «unless» appear at the beginning of a sentence, there is normally a comma separating both clauses. Take a look at this …

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