Collocations with DO

The verb «do» is one of the most common words in the English language, so it is not surprising that it appears in so many English collocations. In this post, we will see a full list of collocations with DO, which you can download as a PDF document at the end of the page.

When we use «do» in collocations, it often has a meaning of ‘performing an action’ or ‘making something happen’. For example, we can say  I’ll do the dishes  to mean that ‘I will wash the dishes’, or  Can you do me a favour?  to mean ‘can you do something for me?’. As you can see, there are many different ways that we can use the verb do in English. In fact, there are so many collocations with do that it can be difficult to remember them all! But if you want to sound more natural when you speak English, it is important to learn and use some of these common collocations. So let’s get started with the list of collocations with DO!

do + NOUNS

do (some/any/no) work

I don’t have any work to do today, so I can go out.

do (the) housework/house chores

Doing housework is extremely boring and tiring.

do + city/country

Is it possible to do Oxford in a couple of days? It’s small, isn’t it?

do a (good/great/terrible/terrific) job/task

James did a great job and was rewarded for it.

do a calculation/sum

I was tired and couldn’t even do a simple sum in my head.

do a course

Robert did a first-aid course during the summer.

do a deal (more common with «make») / a done deal

Once they signed those papers, the purchase was a done deal.

do a report

Jennifer did a report covering all the company issues.

do a test

The teacher said we would do a test before the end of the month.

do an experiment

Scientists do all sorts of experiments to prove or refute a theory.

do anything/sth./everything

He’s done everything he can to save the dog, but sadly it died.

do business

Our company doesn’t do business with foreign companies.

do damage (to sth./sb.)

The rumours did a lot of damage to Stu’s reputation.

do good

Volunteers do a lot of good in deprived neighbourhoods.

do gymnastics

Lisa used to do gymnastics when she was a kid.

do homework

Rick still had some homework to do.

do laundry

We take turns to do the laundry.

do one’s best

I’ll do my best to pass the test.

do research

If you want a PhD, you’ll have to do extensive research.

do sb. (have sex with sb.)

Mike said he did Jane last week, but she’ says it’s not true.

do sb. good

Come on, get some fresh air. It’ll do you good!

do sb. harm

The police were worried that he’d do someone harm.

do sb.’s hair

Lauren did Claire’s hair for the wedding.

do some/any/no good

Comments like that don’t do any good, mate.

do something/nothing/anything

You saw me there, on the floor, but did nothing.

do sport/exercise

Pete does a lot of exercise to keep in shape.

do the cleaning

They’ll do the cleaning before we set off tonight.

do the cooking

I love to do the cooking at home, but I don’t like washing up.

do the crossword

My granddad always used to do a crossword on Sundays.

do the dishes/the washing-up

Lara did the dishes as soon as she finished her lunch.

do the ironing

I can’t understand why people do the ironing. I never do!

do the kitchen/house/living room/etc.

If you cook, I’ll do the kitchen afterwards.

do the laundry/washing

Ester usually does the laundry at weekends.

do the math

It’s not that difficult. Just do the math!

do the maximum

Ben’s trying to do the maximum to be in good shape for the tournament.

do the minimum

The new regulation encouraged them to do the minimum amount of work.

do the paperwork

The worst thing about getting married is doing all the paperwork.

do the right thing

John did the right thing and told her everything.

do the shopping

Who does the shopping at home, Kenny?

do time (in prison) / do one’s time (in prison)

He was convicted and did some time before being released for good behaviour.

do your duty

Now go and do your duty, for the love of your country and of the President.

do your make-up

You look fantastic! Did you do your own make-up?

not do (sb.) any harm / do (sb.) no harm

Well, trying it won’t do you any harm, will it?

Phrases with «DO»

(can/cannot) do without sth./sb.

Nowadays, I can’t do without my phone at all times!

be done (finished)

That’s all. You’re done! Go and celebrate.

be done with sth./sb.

When I was done with the report, I went home.

be/have nothing to do with sth./sb.

Please, leave me alone. It has nothing to do with you.

do a lot for sth.

This NGO does a lot for orphans in Africa.

do as sb. says

Please, do as I say or there will be consequences.

do as you’re told

Please, do as you are told or there will be consequences.

do better/worse

Please, repeat the exercise. You can do better!

do for a living

What does he do for a living? Is he a lawyer?

do more harm than good

Discussing religion usually does more harm than good.

do nothing for sth./sb.

British politics does nothing for young people these days.

do one (go away!)

Oh, do one, will you? I’ve had enough of you.

do or die

Once you’re in so deep, it’s do or die, isn’t it?

do sb. a favour / do a favour to sb.

Could you do me a favour, please?

do sth. for sb.

Who would do all that for someone they didn’t love?

do sth. right/wrong

It didn’t matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t do it right.

do well by sb.

Are companies genuinely interested in doing well by their customers?

do well for oneself

Tony did well for himself when he moved to London.

do well to do sth.

He would do well to keep quiet in certain situations.

do well/badly

His career wasn’t doing badly when he had the accident.

do wonders for sth.

This cream will do wonders for your dry skin.

dos and don’ts

Regina doesn’t know about the basic do’s and don’ts of social etiquette.

how sb. is doing

How’s your sister doing? I heard about her accident.

make do

When I was a kid, we didn’t have a lot of money, but we made do.

that should do it / that’ll do

Right. That should do it. If it breaks again, just give me a quick call.

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List of collocations with DO in PDF

Downloading a list of collocations with the word DO can be very helpful. By having a list of these collocations readily available, you can quickly refer to it when you need to use one of them. This can be a great way to sound more natural and confident when speaking English. Hit the button below and enjoy your PDF list of DO collocations.

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