Collocations with MAKE

The verb «make» is one of the most common verbs in the English language, and it’s probably because there are many collocations with make. What follows is a comprehensive list of English collocations with the verb make. Don’t forget to scroll down and download this post as a PDF.

make love

At the beginning of their relationship, they used to make love all night.

make friends

I don’t find it easy to make friends, as I’m quite shy.

make sound/noise

Please, don’t make any noise. The children are sleeping.

make an enquiry

If you wish, you can make an enquiry via our contact form.

make a fuss

My children make a fuss if I wake them up early on Saturdays.

make an appointment

My tooth aches badly. I really need to make an appointment with the dentist.

make time

I’m making time reading some magazines before my appointment.

make breafkast/lunch/dinner

I always get up early to make breakfast.

make a sandwich/salad/etc.

Could you make a salad for dinner, please?

make a profit

Apparently, the company wasn’t making a profit, so they shut down.

make a promise

You said you’d come with me. You made a promise!

make an observation

Don’t get angry, I was just making an observation.

make money/a fortune

Their family made a fortune during the war.

make a cup of tea/coffee/etc.

Shall I make a cup of tea?

make progress

We haven’t made any progress yet. 

make a joke

I could tell he was annoyed when I made a joke about his tie.

make a comment

I just made a comment about that, but nobody listened.

make a list 

Shall we make a list about the pros and cons?

make up your mind

He found it difficult to make up his mind about what to wear.

make plans

Have you made any plans for the holidays?

make an effort

Tim really ought to make an effort to work a little harder.

make an attempt

We both made an attempt to be friendly despite recent arguments.

make a point

She makes a point of keeping all her shopping receipts.

make a reservation/booking

Darling, I’ve already made the dinner reservation for tonight. 

make a choice

Whatever it is, you need to make a choice.

make a mistake

It’s alright to make mistakes, because we can learn from them.

make a pass at someone

He made a pass at his wife’s friend, who obviously rejected him.

make a prediction

Betting is just about making a prediction and getting lucky.

make a bet

Have you made a bet yet? The match is about to start.

make a living

He wants to make a living selling his paintings. 

make a discovery

Scientists have made a discovery which will change many lives.

make a complaint

If you feel they treated you unfairly, you should make a complaint.

make fun of someone/something

I don’t like it when you make fun of me.

make a (phone) call

Excuse me, I need to make a phone call.

make sure

I’ll make sure all the doors and windows are closed. 

make a difference

Does it really make a difference whether I go or not?

make an exception

Could you make an exception and allow me to enter?

make a confession

The suspect already made a confession, so the case is solved.

make a suggestion

Please, email us if you want to make a suggestion for the next meeting.

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Download a list of collocations with make (PDF)

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