100 adjetivos de personalidad en inglés

Dominar los adjetivos de personalidad en inglés es crucial para poder describir a las personas y sus comportamientos de una manera más precisa y comprensiva. En inglés, al igual que en cualquier idioma, los adjetivos juegan un papel vital al agregar color y profundidad a nuestra comunicación. Ya sea que estés describiendo a un personaje en una historia o expresando tus impresiones sobre alguien que acabas de conocer, los adjetivos en inglés te ayudarán a transmitir tus pensamientos con claridad.

En este artículo, voy a centrarme en ampliar tu repertorio, proporcionándote una lista de 100 adjetivos de personalidad en inglés, divididas entre positivos y negativos, con su traducción al español y ejemplos prácticos de uso. Are you ready?

Adjetivos de personalidad positivos

  1. Adventurous = Aventurero
    «He is so adventurous; he is always the first to try new things.»
  2. Affectionate = Cariñoso
    «My grandmother is very affectionate; she always gives the warmest hugs.»
  3. Ambitious = Ambicioso
    «She’s extremely ambitious and is aiming to be a CEO before she’s 35.»
  4. Articulate = Elocuente
    «The professor is very articulate, making complex subjects easy to understand.»
  5. Assertive = Asertivo
    «Being assertive in a job interview can make you stand out from other candidates.»
  6. Attentive = Atento
    «An attentive student will always catch the teacher’s eye.»
  7. Brave = Valiente
    «The brave firefighter risked his life to save the family from the burning building.»
  8. Charismatic = Carismático
    «The politician was charismatic; he quickly won over the crowd.»
  9. Cheerful = Alegre
    «Her cheerful disposition can light up the darkest room.»
  10. Confident = Seguro de sí mismo
    «He walked onto the stage with a confident stride.»
  11. Cooperative = Cooperativo
    «The success of the project was due to the cooperative effort of the entire team.»
  12. Courteous = Cortés
    «He was courteous and held the door open for the elderly couple.»
  13. Creative = Creativo
    «The creative artist always comes up with original ideas for her paintings.»
  14. Dependable = De confianza
    «A dependable employee always completes their tasks on time.»
  15. Diligent = Diligente
    «The diligent student reviewed her notes every night.»
  16. Energetic = Energético
    «The energetic puppy kept playing for hours.»
  17. Enthusiastic = Entusiasta
    «The crowd was enthusiastic, cheering loudly for their team.»
  18. Flexible = Flexible
    «Being flexible in your job can lead to more opportunities.»
  19. Friendly = Amigable
    «She has a friendly demeanor that makes people feel comfortable around her.»
  20. Generous = Generoso
    «My neighbor is very generous, always sharing her homegrown vegetables with us.»
  21. Gracious = Elegante, cortés
    «She was gracious in her defeat, congratulating the winner sincerely.»
  22. Honest = Honesto
    «Being honest is one of the most important aspects of a strong friendship.»
  23. Humorous = Divertido, gracioso
    «His humorous speech had the entire room laughing.»
  24. Independent = Independiente
    «Living alone has made her very independent
  25. Intelligent = Inteligente
    «The intelligent student always gets top marks on his exams.»
  26. Kind = Amable
    «She’s a kind person who always helps those in need.»
  27. Loyal = Leal
    «He’s a loyal friend who always sticks by your side.»
  28. Modest = Modesto
    «Despite his success, he remained modest about his achievements.»
  29. Motivated = Motivado
    «The motivated employee worked late to finish the project.»
  30. Optimistic = Optimista
    «She remains optimistic despite facing many challenges.»
  31. Outgoing = Extrovertido
    «Her outgoing personality makes it easy for her to make new friends.»
  32. Patient = Paciente
    «Being patient is key when you’re teaching young children.»
  33. Persistent = Persistente
    «The persistent scientist finally made a breakthrough after years of research.»
  34. Polite = Educado
    «The polite young man always says please and thank you.»
  35. Prudent = Prudente
    «She made a prudent decision to save her money instead of spending it.»
  36. Reliable = Fiable
    «He’s very reliable; you can always count on him to get the job done.»
  37. Respectful = Respetuoso
    «It’s important to be respectful when visiting someone else’s home.»
  38. Responsible = Responsable
    «The responsible student always hands in her assignments on time.»
  39. Self-disciplined = Autodisciplinado
    «He’s self-disciplined and exercises every day, rain or shine.»
  40. Sincere = Sincero
    «She gave a sincere apology and promised to make things right.»
  41. Thoughtful = Considerado
    «He was very thoughtful and sent a thank you note after the party.»
  42. Tolerant = Tolerante
    «A tolerant society accepts all cultures and backgrounds.»
  43. Trustworthy = Digno de confianza
    «A trustworthy person will not break a promise.»
  44. Understanding = Comprensivo
    «She was understanding when her friend cancelled their plans.»
  45. Versatile = Versátil
    «He is a versatile athlete who excels in multiple sports.»
  46. Warmhearted = Cálido de corazón
    «Our warmhearted host made us feel immediately at home.»
  47. Wise = Sabio
    «The wise old man gave us some valuable advice.»
  48. Witty = Ingenioso
    «His witty comments always make everyone laugh.»
  49. Zealous = Entusiasta, ferviente
    «She’s a zealous supporter of animal rights.»
  50. Youthful = Juvenil
    «Her youthful spirit makes her popular with her students.»

Adjetivos de personalidad negativos

  1. Aggressive = Agresivo
    «He became aggressive when they told him he couldn’t enter the club.»
  2. Arrogant = Arrogante
    «People find it hard to get along with her because she’s so arrogant
  3. Boring = Aburrido
    «The boring lecture seemed to go on forever.»
  4. Bossy = Mandón
    «She doesn’t like working with him because he’s very bossy
  5. Callous = Insensible
    «His callous comment about her appearance made her cry.»
  6. Careless = Descuidado
    «He lost his keys due to his careless habit of not putting them in a consistent place.»
  7. Clingy = Dependiente
    «He broke up with her because she was too clingy
  8. Cowardly = Cobarde
    «His cowardly behavior during the crisis was noted by everyone.»
  9. Deceitful = Engañoso
    «The deceitful salesman sold her a faulty car.»
  10. Dependent = Dependiente
    «He’s so dependent on his parents; he needs to learn to do things on his own.»
  11. Disrespectful = Irrespetuoso
    «His disrespectful behaviour towards his elders upset many people.»
  12. Forgetful = Olvidadizo
    «My grandfather is quite forgetful; he often misplaces his glasses.»
  13. Greedy = Codicioso
    «The greedy businessman only cared about his own profit.»
  14. Grumpy = Gruñón
    «He is always so grumpy in the morning before he’s had his coffee.»
  15. Impatient = Impaciente
    «She is so impatient, she can’t wait for more than five minutes.»
  16. Impulsive = Impulsivo
    «His impulsive decision to quit his job landed him in trouble.»
  17. Inconsiderate = Desconsiderado
    «The inconsiderate neighbors had a loud party late into the night.»
  18. Indecisive = Indeciso
    «Being indecisive can lead to missed opportunities.»
  19. Inflexible = Inflexible
    «The inflexible rules made it difficult for any real progress to be made.»
  20. Jealous = Celoso
    «She was jealous of her sister’s success.»
  21. Lazy = Perezoso
    «If he wasn’t so lazy, he could achieve a lot more.»
  22. Manipulative = Manipulador
    «He is manipulative, always trying to control other people’s actions to his advantage.»
  23. Mean = Malvado
    «The mean bully made the new student’s life miserable.»
  24. Moody = De humor cambiante
    «It’s hard to work with him because he’s so moody
  25. Narrow-minded = De mentalidad cerrada
    «His narrow-minded views prevented him from understanding other cultures.»
  26. Nasty = Desagradable
    «She had a nasty habit of making fun of people behind their backs.»
  27. Negligent = Negligente
    «The accident was caused by the negligent behavior of the driver.»
  28. Nervous = Nervioso
    «He gets nervous whenever he has to speak in public.»
  29. Obnoxious = Detestable
    «The obnoxious guest kept interrupting everyone at the dinner party.»
  30. Overcritical = Demasiado crítico
    «His overcritical nature can sometimes hurt people’s feelings.»
  31. Pessimistic = Pesimista
    «It’s hard to be around him because he’s so pessimistic
  32. Proud = Orgulloso
    «His proud nature prevents him from admitting when he’s wrong.»
  33. Reckless = Imprudente
    «Her reckless driving put everyone on the road in danger.»
  34. Rude = Grosero
    «It’s rude to interrupt people when they’re speaking.»
  35. Self-centered = Egocéntrico
    «The self-centered actress didn’t care about her co-stars’ feelings.»
  36. Selfish = Egoísta
    «He never shares his things; he’s too selfish
  37. Shy = Tímido
    «She is too shy to present her ideas in the meeting.»
  38. Stubborn = Terco
    «He’s so stubborn, once he makes up his mind there’s no changing it.»
  39. Stupid = Estúpido
    «It was a stupid mistake to leave the oven on.»
  40. Superficial = Superficial
    «She only cares about appearances; she’s so superficial
  41. Tactless = Descortés, sin tactow
    «His tactless comment made her feel uncomfortable.»
  42. Unfriendly = Antipático
    «The unfriendly shop owner rarely gets repeat customers.»
  43. Ungrateful = Ingrato
    «After all I’ve done for him, his ungrateful attitude is disappointing.»
  44. Unreliable = Poco fiable
    «He’s unreliable; he always arrives late to meetings.»
  45. Vain = Vanidoso
    «She is so vain, always checking herself in the mirror.»
  46. Vengeful = Vengativo
    «He is a vengeful man, always holding grudges.»
  47. Wasteful = Derrochador
    «She is wasteful, always buying things she doesn’t need.»
  48. Whiny = Llorón
    «The whiny child complained about everything.»
  49. Wicked = Malvado
    «The wicked witch scared the children.»
  50. Withdrawn = Retraído
    «The withdrawn teenager spent most of his time alone in his room.»

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Y con esto, llegamos al final de la lista. Espero que este listado de adjetivos de personalidad en inglés te sea de gran utilidad y te ayude a enriquecer tus descripciones y tu comprensión del inglés. Recuerda que practicar regularmente y en distintos contextos es esencial para consolidar estas nuevas palabras en tu vocabulario. No dudes en repasar esta lista de vez en cuando, e intenta utilizar los adjetivos en tus conversaciones diarias (siempre que sea posible!). Si tienes alguna pregunta o te gustaría que ampliáramos algún aspecto en particular, no dudes en dejar un comentario. ¡Estoy aquí para ayudarte en lo que necesites!

Y hasta el próximo artículo, don’t forget to keep smiling! 🙂

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