Ways of Looking in English

How do you look? This question might be misleading. Let me explain myself. While your appearance might be important to you, I’m asking about the way you actually look at things, people, etc. Let me explain myself again by asking a question: did you know that there are many ways of looking at stuff? As proof of this we have the English language and its awesome vocabulary. The English language has a wide range of words that define a particular way of looking at things or people. And in this post we will be seeing the most important. Let’s begin!

Different ways of looking at people or things

1. Look

  • Definition: to direct one’s eyes to something or someone, or in a specified direction.

2. Stare

  • Definition: To look fixedly or vacantly at something or someone.

3. Observe

  • Definition: To look at someone or something carefully and attentively.

4. Gawk 

  • Definition: To look at something openly and in a stupid way.

5. Gaze 

  • Definition: To look at something in admiration, surprise or thought.

6. Gape

  • Definition: To look with one’s mouth open, in amazement or wonder.

7. Glare

  • Definition: To look in an angry or fierce way.

8. Peep

  • Definition: To look quickly and furtively at something, especially through a narrow opening

9. Glance

  • Definition: To take a quick or brief look at something.

10. Ogle

  • Definition: To look in a lecherous manner. (lecherous = showing sexual desire.)

So, did you know so many? You certainly do now!

Please take into account that these verbs may sometimes be interchangeable. However, you can see that each of them has a particular touch that differs from the others. Does you own language has so many? I don’t think we do in Spanish, or at least we don’t use them much!

If you found this interesting, please share with your friends and  other teachers or learners. They also want to know how to look! 😉

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